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Meet Krithika. A Brooklyn-based artist who left her city job to paint full-time. Bright, botanical and graphic: Krithika’s work is filled with meaning and hidden personal symbolism. She describes her style as “contained chaos that never ends” and works in large-scale layers, drawing inspiration from natural forms and her client stories.

Krithika experimented with Liquitex Basics Fluid Arylic, creating large-scale pieces by laying down the paint straight from the bottle, manipulating with a range of tools including a butter knife and her fingers. She promotes a positive attitude to making - and life in general -  decisions on curiosity rather than fear. Learning by doing and not being afraid of failing. She says “Take the pressure off yourself, don’t be so concerned with the end product. Just keep creating and enjoy the process.”

Watch her in action below and check out more of her work @spacekatstudio on Instagram.