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2023 Just Imagine
Residency Program


Meet Rachel Klinghoffer.

As an artist who repurposes raw materials and found imagery, Rachel makes objects that are both paintings and sculptures. Connected to femininity, craft-making, Judaism and romance, she explores the power of collage using personal image transfers. “Materials pay homage to all different parts of my identity. Making and remaking prompts a reimagining of uses for these relic-like objects.”

Rachel describes her work as collecting images and narrowing them down to the message or emotion she's trying to evoke. She then moves on to the more physical process. “Lots of sanding and rubbing. I can see what I want to accentuate or hide, going back and forth with layers of image, paint and medium. I literally grind the paint into the canvas (I’ve gone through so many brushes) to get the variation of viscosity, opaqueness and hue I want.”

During her eight-week residency, Rachel worked with Liquitex Heavy Body, Ultra Matte Medium and Gel on Recycled Canvas. “Recycled canvas is the best quality. It holds the vibrancy of the inkjet transfers – the vibrancy of pigment is incomparable.”

Watch her in action here.

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