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The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) is an international association of about 200 art, craft, and creative material manufacturers which seeks to promote safety in art and creative products through its certification program. Colart are a member of ACMI. ACMI-certified product seals (AP Approved Product and CL Cautionary Labeling) indicate that these products have been evaluated by a qualified toxicologist and are labelled in accordance with federal and state laws.
ACMI’s toxicology team, located at Duke University’s Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, has over 30 years of experience evaluating more than 60,000 art material formulations for ACMI members. ACMI also has a Toxicological Advisory Board composed of leading toxicological experts who act as a review board on issues of toxicity, review the criteria used by ACMI’s Toxicologist and make recommendations to ACMI. For more information, please refer to