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Basics Acrylic Set - 12x22ml


Basics is our student-quality line, made for everyday use by all kinds of artists. Featuring Basics medium-consistency acrylic paint, this set contains six useful colors to help build your palette.





12 x 22ml Basics Acrylic -Primary Yellow • Primary Red • Primary Blue • Phthalocyanine Green • Mars Black • Titanium White • Cadmium Orange Hue • Alizarin Crimson Permanent Hue • Dioxazine Purple • Light Green Permanent • Burnt Sienna • Burnt Umber
This product has been evaluated by a toxicologist and labelled for acute and chronic health hazards in accordance with the labelling of Hazardous Art Materials Regulation and Federal Regulation 16 CFR 1500.14 of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. This product conforms to ASTM D-4236 Standard Practice for Labelling Art Materials for Chronic Adverse health effects. This product has been certified by ACMI (Artists Craft Material Institute, Inc.) to carry the AP (Approved Product) Seal, meaning the product bears no chronic or acute human hazards.

All our paints are intermixable and water-based, with archival results. Tested and certified at Duke University by the ACMI.

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