Basics Mediums

Your essential starter gesso, mediums and varnishes

Basics acrylic mediums are excellent student-quality formulas - ideal when you're starting out, when you're on a budget or when you're experimenting. Find a medium to help prep your surfaces, adjust paint consistency, flow and sheen. You can change color opacity, drying time and texture, and protect your finished work.

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An opaque, matte, titanium white acrylic gesso to prepare your surfaces before painting. Use it on canvas or any acrylic-friendly substrate.

Fluids, Gels
& Pastes

A choice of fluids and gels to thin and thicken your paint, plus modeling pastes for building 3D shape. Use to make your color go further or to adjust shine levels.


Add something a bit different to your work. Build bold surface texture, or add multi-dimensional, pearlescent lustre. Mix into color or mediums, or use on their own, straight from the tube.


A choice of matte and gloss archival varnishes to protect your finished work from UV damage, dirt and dust

Customize your Color

Whether you’re prepping your surface, altering viscosity, or even sealing your finished work, Basics Mediums are essential for experimenting and enhancing your paint practice.


Useful guides for working with mediums


Other artists have asked us...

  • Are Basics mediums just for acrylics or can I use them with oils too?
    You can use Basics Gesso as a base for oils when dry, but the rest of the range is for use with acrylics only.
  • How do Basics mediums differ from your pro ones?
    Essentially it's in the simplicity of the range - we make the 12 essential starter mediums for our Basics student-quality line, while we have 48 very specialized mediums in the Pro range. Basics mediums offer you a great introduction to the idea of manipulating your materials, and are made with slightly less intensity of ingredients than our more concentrated Pro mediums.
  • What is a medium?
    Mediums are made with acrylic resin for adjusting how the paint works, feels and looks. They can be used to prepare your canvas, change the texture, adjust the flow, alter the working properties of the color or protect your painting. Because they include acrylic resin, mediums maintain or add to the stability of the paint film, and can be used in any amount desired.
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