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Masking Fluid

A latex fluid that protects
areas from color penetration



Mask off areas of work with this colorless, latex based liquid. Use with fluid applications of acrylic color and washes. The perfect medium to block off areas of a painting and let the surface show through.

What it does
  • Covers areas of your surface to stop color reaching it
  • Peels off once color dries to reveal a clean surface underneath
  • Leaves no trace or stain once removed
How to use it
  • Choose a suitable brush/tool to apply to ensure you get the detail you want
  • Dip your applicator in soapy water before dipping in Masking Fluid - this will make cleaning easier later
  • Carefully paint onto the areas you want to protect and leave to dry
  • Wash your tools with warm soapy water straight after application
  • Once dry, you can paint color on freely
  • Remove Masking Fluid as soon as possible for best results, carefully starting at the corners and peeling back slowly
  • Fully compatible with all Liquitex products
How not to use it
  • Do not use on damp or soft sized paper
  • Not recommended for thicker acrylic paint application
  • Avoid abrading or overworking areas where masking fluid is applied

Take a closer look

See Masking Fluid in action and open up a new world of creative possibilities. Simple to paint on, paint over and remove without leaving a trace: bring on the negative space!

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Airbrush Medium FAQs

Other artists have asked us...

  • Can I use your Acrylic Ink in my airbrush? And if so, do I need to thin it?
    Yes, Acrylic Ink can be used in your airbrush. We recommend you use it with Liquitex Airbrush Medium for optimum atomisation. Always remember to clean it out immediately after use as you would with any other acrylic media.
  • My acrylic paint dries too fast. What can I do?
    We suggest you first avoid adding water to your paint and minimize heat and air flow in your painting environment. Secondly. make use of acrylic mediums to extend the color, especially Slow-Dri Fluid or Gel, Airbrush Medium or Slow-Dri Fluid or Gel Additive. All of these will extend the open time and workability of your color. Remember that only one additive should be used within a color mix as combining additives can compromise the paint film stability.
  • I’ve been given a bottle of Airbrush Medium but I don’t have an airbrush – can I do anything else with it?
    Yes! You can use it to thin all types of color, or to create excellent washes and stains of color. It also gives your paint a watercolor effect.
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