Super Heavy Gesso

Add sculptural texture to your surface



A heavy, structured, titanium white acrylic ground to add 3D texture and maximum tooth to your surface.

8oz/237ml | 32oz/946ml | 128oz/3.78L

All our paints are intermixable and water-based, with archival results. Tested and certified at Duke University by the ACMI.

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What it does
How to use it
  • Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products
  • Can be thinned with Liquitex Gesso
  • Sand hard or shiny surfaces first, apply to support with a knife/brush and leave to dry for at least 24 hours before starting to paint
  • Add acrylic color for a custom tint - Soft Body Acrylic is the optimum consistency


Tips & Techniques

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Super Heavy Gesso FAQs

Other artists have asked us...

  • How should I apply Super Heavy Gesso?
    Try using a palette knife, a trowel or a spatula. It's easy to manipulate and spreads well ready for 3D effects.
  • I want to experiment with texture – any suggestions?
    You can start by creating texture literally from the ground up by using our Super Heavy Gesso. It will give you an archival base with high peaks and marks, ready to apply color to. Or try one of our effects mediums with color or neat.
  • What’s the best way to prime a canvas for painting?
    Size the canvas with one layer of Matte Medium, and then coat with one or two layers of Liquitex gesso - choose from traditional white, neutral gray or black gesso, Clear Gesso or Super Heavy Gesso.
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