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Extras to help you look after your fine art materials

Custom designed for Liquitex Spray Paints and Acrylic Markers, these spare parts and cleaners will quickly become essential elements of your studio kit. Discover replacement nozzles, nibs and cleaners to extend the life of your fine art materials and keep them working at maximum efficiency. 

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From replacement Spray Paint nozzles to new nibs for your Acrylic Markers, you'll find all you need to keep your kit working efficiently. Perfect if you've got a blockage or want a different thickness of spray. Nib packs will help to return your marker to 'just-bought' condition, with a free flow of color and sharper results.

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Discover two bespoke cleaners for some of those more delicate art tools. Spray Paint Cap Cleaner instantly cleans out your nozzles in a few seconds, while Pen Cleaner is the ideal way to remove wet and dried acrylic residue from pens, airbrush parts and brushes.

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