High quality knives
for all applications

Hard-wearing, high quality professional trowels, spatulas and palette knives. Engineered with strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades. Ergonomically designed handles improve grip and long-use comfort. Larger blades are riveted in to add extra durability and toughness when working with heavier loads.


A full range of traditional palette knives for manipulating materials, on and off the canvas. Solid construction between blades and necks gives superior flexibility and strength. Non-reflective metal surfaces reduces glare when working outdoors.


Flexible, extra-long curved blades are resilient, perfect for mixing and spreading paint, plaster and other media. Stainless steel and comfortable wooden handles help you to move large amounts of material efficiently to build rich impasto surfaces.


Squared and curved-edged trowels with a choice of flexible or stiff blades for mixing and spreading paint, texture gels and other media. Use them to transport and control large amounts of material. To shape, stroke, build up and scrape surfaces.

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Tools FAQs

Other artists have asked us...

  • How do I clean my knives?
    It depends on the materials you are using. If it's acrylics, then try and clean them off before the paint dries. Use water and soap, or a wet cloth to clean the blades and handles. If the paint has dried, you may need to scrub a little more firmly or use a scraper.
  • What shape knives do you make?
    The professional knife collection is made up of trowels, spatulas and palette knives. Each has a slightly different shape and within each sub range we have different sizes and profiles to give a wide choice.
  • What are your palette knives made from?
    We use stainless steel for the blades and painted wood for the handles of our knives.