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Vibrant color applied with strong, dimensional brush strokes gives a classic impasto style. You need a thick consistency paint and a selection of brushes and tools to apply. 

Heavy Body Acrylic. It's our thickest professional quality acrylic, and can be paired with Liquitex gel mediums for a matte or silky finish - we leave that choice up to you.


  • Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic - offers brilliant pigmentation, with a thick, buttery smooth consistency that's ideal for creating and retaining shapes, including high peaks and heavier brush strokes. No chips, no cracking, just a crisp, flexible paint film
  • Super Heavy Gesso - can be mixed with color and used as a base for structural impasto effects
  • Gloss Gel - gives increased flexibility and extra sheen
  • Gloss Heavy/Super Heavy Gel - both are great for adding body and extending open time for improved color blending
  • Matte Gel - gives your color a stiffer, matte feel
  • Matte Super Heavy Gel - gives a matte finish with extra body and open time for improved color blending
  • Liquithick Additive - increases the impasto viscosity without changing color - use it sparingly to prevent shrinkage
  • Modeling Paste/Lightweight Modeling Paste - give a firmer structure which will eventually set hard, so these should be used on ridgid supports only
  • Flexible Modeling Paste - gives structure with flexibility so you can use on canvas


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