Creativity was in full bloom during a collaborative project led by the London College of Fashion’s BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles class and UK retailer Cass Art. The project focused on fashion’s reoccurring obsession with florals and brought together a range of different specialisms, including print, knit and embroidery. Students were asked to interpret a variety of flower species through the lens of realism, abstraction, minimalism and maximalism, expressing themselves on clothing and the photographic set.

Equipped with a full suite of Liquitex Professional materials, the students went wild in nature, working with their chosen botanicals. Everything from backdrops to sculptures, gloves to shorts were created in Liquitex acrylic paints, markers, inks, spray and mediums. The process came to a climax with each artist showing their work in a specially curated photoshoot with creative direction from Rob Unett, beauty by Kirsty Gaston and wet-plate photography by LCF MA Fashion Photography alumna Kasia Wozniak.

Artists from left to right, starting top row: 1 Agata Szwajcowska, 2 Rosie Sweeney & Jasmine Ataç, 3 Katy Theobald & Erin Henry, 4 Lingjiao Li, 5 Alice Mahoney, 6 Soyeon Kim, 7 Faye O’Brien & Corran Green, 8 Mollie Lusty, 9 Airu Zhu, 10 Yiwen Chen