What could a mental health hospital look like? That’s the question behind the arts and mental health charity Hospital Rooms, an organization we are very proud to support. Founded by artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White, Hospital Rooms commissions world class art and art workshops for secure and locked mental health units. The charity believes all people should have the freedom to experience extraordinary art and aims to disrupt the barriers that limit access to art and culture for people using in-patient services. Art can help patients maintain a sense of personal dignity and control in what are often distressing circumstances.

World-class artists, including Anish Kapoor, Nick Knight and Julian Opie, help to transform hospital environments in collaboration with patients, clinicians and allied health professionals. Based in the UK, Hospital Rooms works in all kinds of mental health settings including forensics, psychiatric intensive care, rehabilitation care, dementia care and children and adolescent mental health services.


Liquitex has been supporting the charity’s work since 2017. We’re proud to help them bring beauty and creativity into spaces that need it and to challenge the way the world considers and treats people with the most difficult of mental health diagnoses. Liquitex provides professional materials for artists and patients to use on various projects across the UK as well as people to help. Resident artist, Tschabalala Self, created a piece for the Snowsfields Adolescent Unit in London, and our London HQ team has also been on site to paint the Recovery College. See artist Sutapa Biswas working on the Women's Lounge at Highgate's Garnet Ward in London, and Rebecca Byrne's 136 Suite at the Woodlands Unit in Ipswich.

Read more about Hospital Rooms in the NY Times and find out how to support them here.