Soft Body Acrylic is the original acrylic. When Liquitex founder Henry Levison invented the first commercial water-based acrylic paint back in 1955, he started an art revolution. New paint. New surfaces. New methods. New possibilities. His Medium Viscosity color - which became Soft Body – was loved by the Pop art movement for its instant impact and ease of use.  As the original game-changing formulation used by Warhol and Hockney, Soft Body is characterized by its saturated satiny texture.

A little goes a long way. This flowing formula gives triple the coverage area of Heavy Body. Want color you can use straight from the bottle? This is a pourable cream consistency: reliably smooth and flowing, but with just the right amount of body. No need to add water, never too sticky or slippery. It levels evenly, with very subtle, flat brush strokes. Compatible with all the other Liquitex paints/mediums, Soft Body acrylic paint delivers a flowing element to your studio toolbox. In 100 vibrant pigment-rich colors Soft Body acrylics.


Let’s look at how Soft Body is made. Our water-based acrylic paint is composed of pigment particles dispersed in an acrylic polymer emulsion. To make the emulsion, water and a wetting agent are mixed with a pH regulator. Once it’s mixed, we add in the pigment and mix again. Then the emulsion is put through a bead milling machine to grind the pigment particles down to the required size. Each color has its optimum dispersion, depending on the type of pigment used. Once ground, the color is mixed under vacuum - to prevent aeration and bubbles - and the thickening agent is mixed in to achieve the perfect Soft Body viscosity. After extensive quality testing, it’s done and ready for bottling.


We also have the perfect bottle. The Soft Body Acrylics bottle is super-functional and designed with artists. See-through. Squeezable. Flip-top. It makes studio life a breeze. Easy to direct and control, the flexi-walled container works like an acrylic paint squeeze bottle, so you get color just where and when you want it using the tapered nozzle. And no more lost lids or dried out paints. Our one-piece flip-top cap makes studio housekeeping a no-brainer. Easy to open and close with one hand, it lets you get to the color quicker. Thinking about acrylic paint bottle storage? Stackable either way up, you can screw the top off our acrylic paint bottles and access the colour through an extra-wide neck, with no shoulder or corners to trap paint. Not a drop of paint will go to waste. The transparent bottle shows its contents clearly and lets you get the right color from the get-go. 

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