TIPS, TEchniques & how-to's

Stamping is a great way to achieve pre-established single or repeat marks on a range of surfaces and settings. 

You can create your own custom stamp or buy one ready-designed from art suppliers. The same stamp can give you different effects depending on your media and surface texture. The fluidity of Liquitex Acrylic Ink makes it ideal for finely detailed stamps, while thicker paints and mediums will yield more possibilities for the same stamp set.


  • Pour your color onto a small tray or plate
  • Dip the stamp so you have an even coating of color and apply to your chosen surface - for lighter coverage, use a brush to paint color directly onto the stamp, or spritz it from a spray bottle
  • It's always wise to practice with a new stamp before applying to your piece
  • Experiment with pressure and angle to get your preferred result
  • Clean stamp immediately after each use by dragging it across a wet cloth to remove color residue first, before washing through with our Professional Pen Cleaner or soapy water
  • Make sure your tools are dry before storing


  • Multiple colors can be brushed onto the stamp surface for more detailed application, but work quickly to prevent the ink from drying out
  • Acrylic color stamps can be layered on top of painted acrylic and/or medium, and vice versa
  • Diluting Acrylic Ink with Liquitex Airbrush Medium increases its transparency - the more medium you add, the more transparent the color will be. Liquitex Slow-Dri Fluid Medium can also be used, however it's slightly thicker than Airbrush Medium, so it can leave some residue in the stamped image
  • Layer transparent images to create ‘stamp glazes’. Choose transparent colors of Acrylic Ink and add Airbrush Medium for best results. Allow each layer to dry for 20-30 minutes before the next application
  • Try stamping with our professional effects gels such as Liquitex Ceramic Stucco. Apply a thin layer of the Ceramic Stucco on watercolor paper and allow to dry. Then coat the stamp with Acrylic Ink, ready for use on the dry texture surface. The gritty stucco surface will give a textured look, compared to stamping directly onto smooth paper


  • Acrylic Ink - the ideal stamping fluidity
  • Airbrush Medium/Slow-Dri Fluid Medium - to increase color transparency
  • Effects mediums - for extra texture
  • Pen Cleaner - to clean your stamps