Time to focus, to experiment and explore. Here we take you into the studios of the creatives invited in for a Liquitex residency. Explore their ways of working and how dedicated space, time and materials powers their practices forward.


Love to see how other creatives work? Here we shine the spotlight on some of the artists and designers we collaborate with and inspire us. See inside their studio space, discover their story, learn what motivates them and get ideas for your own practice.


Alongside our special projects, we support community partners sparking, engaging and accelerating creativity in areas that need it. We strive for a world where artists of all disciplines can make art without limits and creativity can run free to improve the lives of everyone in society.


We unlock the incredibly transformative possibilities of creative materials by helping education, community and charity initiatives around the globe. Liquitex founder Henry Levinson knew the role of a good toolmaker was to support the tool user and their community - we're proud to continue his legacy. See some of the brilliant projects we support here.