tips, techniques & how-to's

Fine art tools need looking after. Our Acrylic Marker is a paint and delivery system in one, so you need to treat it with as much care as you would your brushes and tools.


  • A ball and pump valve system inside the marker keeps the paint flowing and the pigment and binder evenly mixed, so give it a good shake before use for best results
  • If too much paint comes out, it’s usually because you’re pushing down too hard (or often) on the nib. It’s easily fixed - wipe away excess paint, don’t pump the nib, and your marker should be good to go again
  • Do you work your tools hard? Dirty nibs can be quickly sorted. If you’ve got other Liquitex colors or paints on your nib, and they’re still wet, take it out and rinse it
  • If it’s dried on or it’s simply looking a little old and worn out, go for a replacement nib. They’re easy to fit and return your markers to full precision
  • Remember to always store markers horizontally and to keep lids on when not in use, to stop the paint drying out