What’s in a color? Every pigment has a backstory, and Transparent Orange has a very modern one. Let’s find out why.


When you pick up a Liquitex bottle or tube and look at the label, you can see the  pigments that comprise the color. If you pick up new Heavy Body Acrylic Transparent Orange, you’ll notice that in place of the color index number, it states ‘DPP’. DPP stands for Diketo-Pyrrolo-Pyrrol, a modern kind of hybrid pigment. Hybrids are an innovation in pigment manufacturing, fusing different materials together. The hybrid used in Transparent Orange first came to the art market in the 1990s and was originally developed for the car industry to be used in polychromatic finishes.


Why might you choose to use a hybrid? Ours is a blend of organic and inorganic pigments. Organic and inorganic pigments differ in performance. Organic pigments have strengths in chroma and tint but are weaker in lightfastness and opacity. Inorganic pigments are the opposite. Add them together and you can get the best of both worlds - without neglecting environmental considerations. In simple terms, our hybrid gives a unique balance of properties. Stable, transparent and fully lightfast.

Our team is always on the hunt for new options and innovations. What do artists need on the palette that we don’t offer? Transparent Orange brings something different to the Liquitex Heavy Body line-up. It’s the most transparent of all our oranges. It also brings a dark orange to the range and also offers a new breadth of color tones. Until its launch, it was hard to get a good transparent orange with a yellow undertone, but this gives a super-rich masstone with subtle yellow undertones. Tones span the spectrum from deep red-orange to yellow. It’s also the lowest Series orange in the range at Series 2 – our others are 3 and 4 - making it the best value orange.

Try Transparent Orange and see what can do. Tip: It’s particularly useful on sunsets when mixed with other transparent reds, yellows, and even violets. Find Transparent Orange in our Professional Heavy Body range.