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Basics Mediums

Basics Gloss Varnish

Protect and seal your acrylic work with a transparent, gloss layer which is breathable, permanent and protects against UV damage.

Size: 250ml
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Key Features
  • Adds a gloss sheen, protects and stops dirt build up
  • Dries clear to a flexible, non-tacky, hard surface
  • Increases brightness and color saturation
  • Improves surface durability - ideal when shipping or exhibiting
  • Protects colors from UV light damage and resists discoloration - yellowing and fogging - caused by humidity, heat and UV
How to Use
  • Before varnishing ensure paint surface is fully dry (72 hours-two weeks depending on thickness)
  • Place the artwork flat on a surface - always varnish horizontally
  • Stir gently before use. Use a large, soft brush
  • Stir gently before use and use long, even strokes, covering the surface top to bottom while moving from one side to the other - don't go over bits you have missed but leave to dry and then re-varnish area
  • While applying, look for surface bubbles by inspecting it from all angles and even them out immediately. Apply up to three thin coats, allowing at least three hours dry time between coats.
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All our paints are intermixable and water-based, with archival results. Tested and certified at Duke University by the ACMI.

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Whether you’re prepping your surface, altering viscosity, or even sealing your finished work, Basics Mediums are essential for experimenting and enhancing your paint practice.

You can change color opacity, drying time and texture, and protect your finished work.


Other creatives have asked us...

Will using Basics Gloss Medium and Gel make my Basics paints high shine?

Using Basics Gloss Medium and Gel will enhance glossiness compared to the standard satin finish. For a wet-look finish, try Professional Pouring Medium.

Can I use your Basics varnishes on the piece I've just done in oils?

No, our Basics acrylic varnishes are for use on acrylic surfaces only, however you can use our Professional Soluvar removable varnishes on oils.

I just used your Basics Gloss Varnish and it's given me a cloudy surface. Is it faulty?

Cloudy results with Basics Gloss Varnish often result from improper application techniques; apply gently and methodically. Read our varnishing tips here.