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Professional Silk Screen Medium

Liquitex Silkscreen Medium transforms water-based acrylic color into printing ink with the ideal consistency for screen and monoprinting. Mix into your paint to extend its drying time - giving you longer for print application and positioning – and give greater flow and fluidity - allowing for finer print detail. Liquitex Silkscreen Medium will keep the opacity of your color the same and extend its volume further. The result? Color-rich even prints with archival permanence.

Size: 237ml
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Key Features
  • Makes color the right consistency for printing
  • Improves flow so you can get more detail
  • Allows thicker color to be used on the the screen
  • Slows drying process, giving you longer print time and maintains opacity
  • Extends volume without affecting acrylic stability
How to Use
  • Depending on color thickness, mix 1-2 parts color to 1 part medium - in warm conditions use a 1:1 ratio
  • Choose the color for the effect you want - opaque colors will give maximum impact
  • Tint with an opaque white for an opaque but lighter result
  • Clean screen and equipment promptly after use
  • Maintains paint adhesion, durability and archival quality
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Other creatives have asked us...

If I use Silkscreen Medium on fabric, does it need to be heat set?

Silkscreen Medium is only for extending the drying time of the acrylic paint being used with it. We would suggest using Fabric Medium with it as this medium is intended specifically for fabric. It does not require heat setting.