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Professional Mediums

Professional Super Heavy Gesso

Professional acrylic gessoes, mediums, additives and varnishes - to prep your surfaces all the way through to protecting your finished work. Each medium is uniquely formulated to deliver a different result. From gloss gels to experimental texture effects and finishes, each lets you adjust your paint to suit your practice. Gessoes prime your surfaces and add tooth, ready for paint application. Create the perfect absorbency, texture and archival ground.

Size: 237ml
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Key Features
  • Gives a textured matte white, opaque finish which provides a professional standard, archival base to help maintain the longevity of your work
  • Adds 3D texture and acts as an ideal base for thick sculptural shape and weight
  • Primes surfaces and adds maximum tooth for maximum color adhesion and stability
  • Stiffens canvases and creates the optimum absorbency for paint application
  • Always use a quality artist's gesso if you want a lasting, archival base - a low-cost ground will flake and separate from your support, taking your work with it.Under the right conditions, a professional gesso like this will last generations
How to Use
  • Can be thinned with Liquitex Gesso
  • Sand hard or shiny surfaces first, apply to support with a knife/brush and leave to dry for at least 24 hours before starting to paint
  • Add acrylic color for a custom tint - Soft Body Acrylic is the optimum consistency
  • To create a smoother base, sand the surface and reapply gesso
  • If using as a base for oils, apply 2-4 coats and sand between applications
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All our paints are intermixable and water-based, with archival results. Tested and certified at Duke University by the ACMI.

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Give your work something to get hold of. These specialist professional gessoes help you prime and add tooth to your surfaces so they’re ready for gripping color and mediums, and not letting go. Whether you love a superfine sanded surface, or something with more grit, a dark base to build off, or a formula to seal and increase absorbency: you'll find it here.


Other creatives have asked us...

How do I make a colored gesso?

We would recommend you selecting your green Soft Body or Heavy Body color and mixing a little into our Professional Gesso until you achieve the desired tint.

How should I apply Super Heavy Gesso?

Use a palette knife, trowel, or spatula to apply Super Heavy Gesso for textured effects.

If acrylic goes onto most surfaces why do I need a gesso?

While acrylics adhere to most surfaces, gesso prepares surfaces for a long-term bond, improving absorbency and tooth for paint.

Do you make sheer tinted grounds?

We only make an uncolored Clear Gesso but you can tint it with a transparent color from our Acrylic Ink or Soft Body ranges.

What can I use to create a hard surface for a graphite drawing?

To create a hard surface for graphite drawings, sketch directly on our Professional Gessoes or use Ceramic Stucco for an Italian fresco-style effect.

What's the best way to prime a canvas for painting?

Size with one layer of Matte Medium and coat with Liquitex gesso (white, gray, black, clear, or super heavy gesso) for priming.