Cynthia Pareja

Cynthia Pareja Dubin


Meet Cynthia. A multidisciplinary creative who perfectly marries graphic design with mixed media and collage to create dimensional layered pieces. During her Acrylic Mediums residency, Cynthia explored the concept of revitalizing old paintings to create something new in her large scale collage pieces:

“It’s an interesting concept because you are taking fragments of the past like errors, things you dislike about yourself, memories, and you are using them for a good purpose. These pieces are now essential for my art because they are part of who I am.”

Cynthia cuts organic shapes and forms to create her compositions, all layered over an intricately blended background.

“Abstraction and collages are my main type of work, mixing shapes with photography and pieces from unfinished paintings, I create their own universe, manifested by an emotional process. I am always trying to reinvent myself and finding inspiration everywhere and everyday.”

Watch her in action below.

Just Imagine Residency: Acrylic Mediums

East Orange, New Jersey


Below are some of Cynthia's favorite Liquitex colors, selected from her studio during her Acrylic Mediums residency. Discover our complete Acrylic Mediums range here.


Watch the recording of our Instagram live interview with Cynthia and Rebecca Byrne and learn more about her background, inspiration and work.

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