Meet Kathleen Rietz, artist and educator based in Chicago.

“I’ve been using Liquitex products for many decades because of the consistent quality of their paints and mediums. I know what to expect when I open a fresh tube or jar for the first time. I use Liquitex products in my own art practice as well as recommend them to my students.”

Kathleen decided on a career path in commercial art after attending the American Academy of Art in the late 80s. After 30 years of freelancing as a designer and illustrator, Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) invited Kathleen to teach art students through an adjunct program igniting her desire for teaching and a belief that fine art fundamentals are the foundation of great art.

In 2018, Kathleen left the commercial art world in pursuit of painting. Since then, her paintings have been collected internationally. Kathleen now teaches online art courses and workshops, and to her excitement - “…Teaching has made me a stronger artist. For every course I create, I dive deep into practical application, which means I am constantly learning and growing in my knowledge of art and my own practice.”

Check out her work below.


Your art transports viewers to a new place through florals, a subject that transcends language or time. How do you convey emotion in your work?

Every color has its own energy. I love placing certain colors together on the canvas in order to encourage an emotional response from the viewer. It could be excitement, calm, joy, celebration or peace.

What is your favorite art technique to teach about?

I love teaching artists about the benefits of curating limited color palettes to bring cohesiveness and harmony to their work. Sometimes less really is more.

Do you have a typical routine when you start a new piece or begin a day in the studio?

I usually begin by toning my canvas in an effort to alleviate the dreaded fear of a blank canvas. As that first layer of paint is drying, I oftentimes sort through various limited color palette swatches I’ve created until I find one that inspires me. Sometimes that’s all it takes to inspire a new painting collection.

What is your favorite Liquitex item in your studio and how do you use it?

I love the Gold Metallic Medium. I can either mix it into paint to give the paint an interesting color and shimmer, or layers it over dry paint as a special effect.

Do you have any ‘studio hacks’ that you’d like to share? Specific items you repurpose, helpful tips or things to remember?

I found that puppy training pads are great for absorbing lots of wet paint and water, and protect my floors better than anything else I‘ve tried. They are reusable, and can be easily discarded when I’m finished using them.


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