Music and art combine to unleash creativity from the ground up. Step up, Sing for Hope, a brilliant organization working hard to share the positive potential of creativity. We’ve been partnering with the charity for a number of years: it all started with their painted piano program in 2019 and continues with ongoing support for all their painting initiatives.


Sing for Hope is a non-profit arts organization that transforms lives by using the power of the arts to create a better world. It believes that creativity has unmatched potential to uplift, unite and heal, and that everyone deserve access. Founded in 2006, Sing for Hope’s programs include Sing for Hope Pianos, Sing for Hope Youth Arts, Sing for Hope Healing Arts and Sing for Hope Global.


From the Bronx to Beirut, the Sing for Hope Pianos program is a global arts initiative that creates artist-designed pianos, drops them in public spaces for anyone and everyone to enjoy, then places them in permanent homes in schools, hospitals, transit hubs, refugee camps, and community-based organizations. Sing for Hope has provided more pianos for under-resourced public schools than any other organization in the world and it’s also the largest annual public art project in the US.
For many young people this their first interaction with a real piano. “As soon as someone sits down and plays, everyone stops and gathers around, and you have this immediate, temporary moment of community.” It’s a symbol of self-worth, an outlet for creativity, a way to challenge stereotypes and to bring people together.


British artist Stuart Semple jumped at the chance to collaborate with Sing for Hope x Liquitex on a special London piano titled “Express Yourself”. Conceived and painted by the artist using Liquitex acrylics, the piano was launched with a one month residency at a central London public arts space. It then was placed by art charity Hospital Rooms within an NHS adolescent mental health ward, where it is currently being used for music therapy.


When Sing for Hope projects need art supplies, Liquitex is proud to answer the call. As their paint partner, we offer technical support for their artists and our acrylics at cost price. Stay tuned for more news via the Sing for Hope Instagram page.


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