tips, techniques & how-to's

Soluvar is a unique formula designed to trap dirt and protect your painted surfaces from damage. As a removable varnish, you can lift the dirt away by periodic cleaning. Here's how to remove and replace Soluvar.


  • Remove varnish in clean, well-ventilated area
  • Wear a dual filter respirator (NIOSH approved) and neoprene gloves and work horizontally
  • Dampen a small piece of lint free, soft, white cloth with mineral spirits (not “odorless”) or turpentine - nothing stronger. Do not use ketones or paint removers
  • Apply mineral spirits generously and allow it to lay on surface for 15–30 minutes. Check periodically. Longer time may be necessary, depending on the age of the artwork and strength of mineral spirits
  • If the varnish is not dissolving or is dissolving slowly, use a higher strength mineral spirits/turps and cover with plastic to slow down the spirits evaporation process. (Stronger mineral spirits are not labeled as such, but have a stronger odor)
  • Rub your cloth gently over a small area 1–2 square inches until the varnish starts to dissolve
  • Using a clean cloth and clean solvent, rub the area again to remove residue, then repeat this procedure for the entire area to be cleaned
  • You should get down to the permanent isolating barrier of Gloss Medium (which we always advise applying before the first Soluvar application). If you haven't use an isolating barrier, work extremely cautiously
  • Always stop immediately if any paint color shows on your cloth and allow the surface to dry
  • Allow painting to dry before reapplying a fresh coat of Soluvar Varnish


  • Soluvar Varnish
  • Respirator and gloves
  • Lint free soft white cloths
  • Mineral spirits