you must be technically skilled to enjoy art.


Have you ever doodled in class? Played with modelling clay as a kid? Made image collages on a phone app, or spent a relaxing hour with some colored pencils? All these activities can be referred to as ‘art’ and none of them need real technical know-how to enjoy.  

Art brings us much needed moments of focus and quiet mindfulness. It allows us to step out of reality and into a world of possibility. It helps us to observe the world in a different way and introduces us to different ways of thinking.  

There’s no barrier to enjoying art in all its creative forms. Whether you’re embarking on your artistic journey for the first time or a seasonal professional artist, it’s never too late to learn technical skills that can help you go further if you want, giving you instant knowledge and shortcuts. It can be handy to know ‘how’ to do something. But not knowing doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying the process. 

If you do want to level up, our Tips & Techniques Guides are a great place to start. Inspiration, insider advice, and step by step tutorials are available on our website for all levels and interests. 

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