With a water-like consistency, our Acrylic Ink is a super versatile, super potent way to use color. As well as fluidity, the main headline is that Acrylic Ink is made with fine art PIGMENT and NOT dye. No dyes. No fade. Just pure, permanent color. And like all acrylics, it dries quickly and permanently, with no smudging or bleeding when rewetted or layered. You get pure liquid color in a range of opacities.

This is a fine art ink. Made with fine art materials. You can rely on the highest quality color-intense artist pigments when you use Acrylic Ink. Our pigments are processed using the latest basket bead-mill technology, where tiny reinforced ceramic beads give fine dispersion, great color development, strength and brightness. No quick-to-fade dyes, just true color purity and archival stability in an ultra-fluid acrylic vehicle.


So why is lightfastness important? Simple: you don’t want your work fading away. If you’re after an archival result that will withstand the test of time, you need to use materials, like Acrylic Ink, that are lightfast.

But what is lightfastness? Lightfastness is the measurement of how chemically stable a material is when exposed to light. In scientific terms, a chemical reaction called photo-degradation happens when light hits a surface. This is when the chemical bonds between the molecules alter or break causing fading or a change in color. The longer it resists, the more lightfast it is.

As with all Liquitex products, the pigments in Acrylic Ink have passed extensive tests for lightfastness. Each pigment is rated according to the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), and we only use pigments rated ASTM I or II*. This means your work will have the greatest archival permanence possible – at least 50 years+ in gallery conditions – with no color shifting or fading, to stay vibrant and true.


Use the dropper, dip a brush or pour it out: Acrylic Ink is perfect to use straight from the bottle in any way you want. It’s brilliant for lots of techniques. Make the most of its liquid consistency by pouring, painting, dripping, and fine detail work. As our lowest viscosity color, its ultra-fluidity is ideal for fine and flowing applications – just add a pro medium to adjust it further. Mix it with some Airbrush Medium and spray it on. Into pouring? It makes brilliant streams and pools of color. Use it for water marbling, splatter painting, in a pen for illustration and calligraphy, to stain, paint on glass (with Glass Medium), for glazing effects and washing over Masking Fluid. The options are endless.

The 55 Acrylic Ink colors include single pigments, muted ready-mixed colors, metallic, aqua shades and fluorescents. Each pigment has its own unique natural character, and this dictates its opacity. Among the 55 ink colors you’ll find a choice of opaque, semi-opaque and transparent colors - all shown on the label - to help you achieve a range of effects.