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Professional Flexible Modeling Paste

Acrylic and marble putty to build textures on semi-flexible supports and create 3D forms.

Size: 237ml
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All our paints are intermixable and water-based, with archival results. Tested and certified at Duke University by the ACMI.

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Ready to unlock more performance from your acrylic paints? Try our Professional Gels & Pastes Mediums. All 12 professional formulas – available in your choice of weights, surface sheens and effects – maintain your paint’s structure, so it dries normally, stays robust and keeps its archival quality. This range can also help you add impressive thickness and texture to your acrylics and make them go further. So, whether you’re working with mattifying gels or modeling pastes, you’ll have what you need to elevate your paint.


Other creatives have asked us...

Can I drill into your Flexible Modeling Paste?

Flexible Modeling Paste is not suitable for drilling. Use Liquitex Professional Modeling Paste for carving and sanding.

Clay is too heavy for my mixed media piece and keeps detaching from the canvas. Help!

Light Modeling Paste is suitable for adding structure without excessive weight in mixed media pieces.

I'm trying to make solid pink forms for a sculpture piece. What can I use?

Try one of our professional acrylic modeling pastes. You can color them exactly as you want - with one of our acrylic inks or paint.

You're now calling your Liquitex Gel Mediums range 'Gels & Pastes' "“ are you making adhesive pastes now?

No we wanted to be clearer in how we communicate, as we have a popular trio of modeling pastes that were being ignored in the category title. We do not make adhesive pastes. The Gels & Pastes collection includes all our gels plus Liquitex Light Modeling Paste, Flexible Modeling Paste and regular Modeling Paste for fine art applications.