How to stain raw canvas with Acrylic Inks

Using Liquitex Acrylic Inks and Flow Aid Professional Medium, soak your canvas and then drop colour to create highly pigmented, flowing color. Check out our guide below and try for yourself.

Video Transcript

Ink Staining Technique

0:08    Materials used:Acrylic Ink & Flow Aid. Flow aid breaks water tension to improve flow, absorbency and blending, creating softer more vibrant pools of color than when color is mixed with water or used on a dry surface.

0:12    Mix 1 part flow aid with 20 parts water.

0:16    Use a paddle brush to apply the mixture to raw canvas.

0:22    Drop acrylic ink directly on canvas to achieve a fluid, watercolor-like effect.

0:26    Layer different colors to blend.

0:32    Mix acrylic Ink with Flow Aid mixture to create more transparent flowing puddles of color.

Flow Aid
Acrylic Ink
      Muted Turquoise
      Cadmium Yellow Light
      Muted Pink
      Transparent Burnt Sienna
Paddle Brush


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