For smooth puddles and pools of color, graphic stripes, otherworldly effects and wet-look drips, you'll want to try pouring. 

To get a strong, flawless body of paint, use our Professional Pouring Medium with Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic colors.


  • Mix one heaped tablespoon of Soft Body Acrylic with one cup of Liquitex Pouring Medium in a large bucket or bowl
  • Use a palette knife to gently and smoothly mix the color and medium - blend gently to avoid making bubbles and let it sit for 10 minutes for any to disappear
  • Using a funnel, take the mixture and pour it into a squeeze bottle or the applicator of your choice - pitchers or tubes can be used for a variety of effects
  • If you're mixing a custom color, do it before adding to the medium, to ensure color uniformity in the pour
  • Place your surface on a level work table and pour the mixture directly onto it in the style of your choice
  • Always work with a level surface to avoid uneven results and surface tearing
  • If your space is prone to dust, cover your work with a big cardboard box or similar, to stop airborne particles settling on the surface and damaging the perfect, super glossy finish
  • Pour evenly over the surface, allowing at least one day of dry time. Two days is recommended for thicker paint films


  • Create multicolored compositions in one session, by prepping several colors together. Apply the next color directly after the first pour to achieve sharp dots or concentric circles
  • Using a palette knife or fork, drag and blend multiple colors across the surface for a marbled effect
  • Turning the support on its side creates thin drips. Play with the movement so that the paint runs down the surface for free-flowing effects
  • Apply additional coats over set layering for interesting color build-up effects
  • For sculptural applications, create an acrylic skin by pouring onto a glass surface - treat the surface with a mold release or quick release spray for easy removal when dry. Peel off carefully when fully dry; then sew, glue, hang or roll for different sculptural effects
  • Do not mix water into Pouring Medium as you will weaken the acrylic strength


  • Liquitex Pouring Medium + Soft Body Acrylic - the optimum combination
  • Measuring cup and spoon - to get the correct ratio
  • Large container and palette knife - to mix in
  • Funnel - for pouring into vessel
  • Squeeze bottles or pouring cups - for application
  • Surface - ie stretched canvas, board, paper or glass

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