Splatter Painting with Masking Fluid

Make the most out of blank space. This video demonstrates how to layer splattered Liquitex Masking Fluid with gorgeous color washes of Acrylic Ink. Peel to reveal a contrasting negative design.

Video Transcript

Splatter Painting with Masking Fluid

0:06    Dip your brush in liquid soap to avoid clogging and then into the Masking Fluid.

0:12    Flick your loaded brush to splatter the masking fluid.

0:21    Once dry, brush over the surface with clean water.

0:24    Drop pools of vibrant Acrylic Ink and watch as they spread.

0:36    Use a brush to fill in the negative space.

0:42    Using the end of your brush, remove the masking fluid to reveal your splatter design.

Masking Fluid
Acrylic Ink


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