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Jake Breiter

2022 Just Imagine Residency Program



Meet Jake Breiter, the second artist chosen for our 2022 Just Imagine Residency Program - and our first ever student resident artist. Currently studying in NY at School of Visual Arts, Jake explores how illustration and animation intersect with the curated cast of characters he creates.

“By bridging the past and the present, my artmaking practice aims to create a space where beauty and beastliness intersect. Within my art, worldly problems become monsters with many arms, wild hair, long greasy tails, sharp fangs and feral claws - tangible beasts that through my characters, I am able to better understand and empathize with.”

During the residency Jake experimented with Acrylic Ink, Heavy Body, Spray Paint and Acrylic Gouache and sought to learn more about materials and himself in the process.

“Art is a very personal interaction I have with myself.”

Watch him in action here.

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