Mark Zubrovich

2022 Just Imagine Residency Program


2022 Just Imagine
Residency Program



Introducing Mark, the first artist chosen for our 2022 Just Imagine Residency Program. Over the next several weeks, Mark will be taking over the Liquitex studio at Manufacturers Village, using mediums, Acrylic Ink, and Heavy Body to explore new textures and techniques in his work:

“The figures in my work are anthropomorphic dogs. And dogs are furry. I often hint at their fuzziness with brushwork or through the tooth of the canvas, but having free rein to build layers of texture would bring forth tons of new possibilities in my work. I'll experiment with Liquitex's modeling gels to bring a thickness, bordering on full-on relief, to the work. Ultimately I plan on completing several small to medium size exploratory works pushing these materials to their limits, and at least two large-scale paintings incorporating these fleshed out techniques. I aim to achieve a body of work that the viewer will feel an unquenchable desire to touch and 'pet'.”

Be sure to follow along throughout Mark’s residency to learn more about him, his process, and his work.