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Mark Zubrovich

2022 Just Imagine Residency Program


2022 Just Imagine
Residency Program



Meet Mark Zubrovich. Artist, creator and explorer of the senses. During his Just Imagine residency, Mark worked with vibrant shades of Heavy Body and custom mediums blends to create textures begging to be touched.

“So much of the fun I’ve had is making my own mixtures of mediums. I have been taking something like Coarse Texture Medium, Modeling Paste or Iridescent Medium and mixing them all together to find something unique that will soak into the surface or create a new texture for me to paint on top of. It’s helped me evolve my practice materially and conceptually. I’m making so much work about feeling and emotion and sensory experience. Through all this new material diversity, I’m making paintings that people want to touch.”

Watch him in action here.


Here's some of the materials Mark experimented with in his residency.

What's Mark listening to in the studio?

Tune in to his exclusive Spotify playlist here.