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Back in 1965 we set up the Liquitex Lecture Demonstration Program, the world's first program of acrylic talks and demonstrations given by practicing artists, to artists at colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Continuing our ongoing collaboration with artists, we now support The Fine Art Collective (TFAC), a collective set up to work within the art community to share material practice and expertise on artists’ colors, tools and techniques. Operating around the globe, TFAC run lectures and technical workshops in partnership with universities and colleges. The collective also provides insight into professional development post-graduation as well as supporting public art projects and residencies.

Delivered by artists, TFAC lectures raise awareness of safe practice, sustainability and the importance of archival responsibility via a practical exploration of the relationship between theory and practice. Students also benefit from hands-on experience to assist them in making informed decisions about their own practice. Artists can sign up to join the collective and gain access to other useful resources.

Find out more about TFAC here.