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How to upcycle Liquitex
pots into plant pots


Want to green up the studio? Bring some of the outside in with succulents, air plants and seedlings planted in used Soft Body or Acrylic Gouache pots. Designed to be recyclable and reusable, these are the perfect size and shape for growing. All you need is a little imagination, and some colors and mediums to decorate them with.  


Step 1.

You will need:
Acrylic color and mediums 
Craft knife
Empty Soft Body/Acrylic Gouache bottles
Plants and gravelly soil

Step 2.

Use a craft knife to remove the top from your empty paint bottle. Remove any labels and make sure they are washed clean.

Step 3.

Now you can get painting. You can go straight in with the color or use one of our effects mediums to create something different. Here we've mixed Professional Glass Beads with Light Blue Violet Soft Body.

Step 4.

If you want a really robust result, paint the bottle with a quick base coat of Clear Gesso to help with adhesion. Then when it's dry, apply your color effects.

Step 5.

With Glass Beads you can spread it thin to get a sea glass look, or apply it thickly for a textured finish like we have here.

Step 6.

If you're choosing paint, Soft Body and Acrylic Gouache are the most versatile options. Here we've used Soft Body Cadmium-Free Orange and Medium Magenta.

Step 7.

Once you've finished, leave it to dry completely for a few hours. You can use a hair dryer on a cool setting if you need to speed up the drying process.

Step 8.

Once dry, start filling your pot with soil mixed with small drainage pebbles.

Step 9.

You can add a little moss around the base of the plant for extra texture.

Step 10.

Place the plant centrally in the pot and make sure you arrange the roots underneath. Top it up with some more soil and pebble mixture to hold it in place.  

Step 11.

Enjoy! You've sucessfully given your space a new shot of green energy and improved the air quality, while upcycling and helping to minimize waste.