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How to upcycle Liquitex
pots into plant pots


Want to green up the studio? Bring some of the outside in with succulents and seedlings planted in used Soft Body or Acrylic Gouache pots. Designed to be recyclable and reusable, these are the perfect size and shape for growing. All you need is a little imagination, and some colors and mediums to decorate them with.  


Step 1.

You will need:
Soft Body paints
Glass Beads Professional Medium
Assorted Brushes
Craft Knife
Empty Soft Body or Acrylic Gouache Jars
Palette Knife (optional)

Step 2.

Use a craft knife to cut the top off of empty Soft Body jars to your preferred size. Be sure to wash out any excess paint and remove the label to let your pattern show through.

Step 3.

Mix any Soft Body color with Glass Beads Professional Medium. In this case, Light Blue Violet is used for a perfect Spring pastel.

Step 4.

Apply to the jar for your desired texture and effect. Spread thin for a sea glass effect, or apply thick for maximum texture. For best adhesion, be sure to first paint a layer of Clear Gesso.

Step 5.

In this case, the design is applied halfway up the jar so that the plant will be visible. Feel free to get creative!

Step 6.

Alternatively, paint your preferred design directly onto the jar using Soft Body color. Cadmium-Free Orange and Medium Magenta are used to add the perfect bright contrast for the stripe pattern.

Step 7.

Once completed, leave the jars to dry completely for a few hours, or use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Step 8.

Fill your newly designed planter with soil and stone for drainage.

Step 9.

A small amount of moss can be added for texture and to hold your plant in place.

Step 10.

Insert your plant into your planter, using small garden stones ande moss to level. These planters are ideal for small succelents and air ferms.

Step 11.

Enjoy your plants! These repurposed Soft Body jars will add a pop of color to any space, minimize plastic waste, and improve air quality while welcoming the outdoors in.