Paper Marbling with
Liquitex Inks


Looking to add some color and print to your holiday crafting? Learn how to use Acrylic Ink to create vibrant psychedelic patterns on paper which can be used for place cards, gift wrap, garland, and more.


Step 1.

Set up your workspace. You will need paper, a tray larger than your paper, 2 gallon buckets filled with warm water, brushes, and Acrylic Ink.

Step 2.

Prep your surface. Mix 8 tbsp of Alum, or Aluminum Sulfate, with 1 gallon of warm water. Stir to combine, then let cool. Using a large brush, saturate your paper with this mixture, then let dry. If you want to experiment with fabric marbling, soak your material in the Alum solution for 20 minutes, then let dry.

Step 3.

Get your solution ready. Mix 4 tbsp of Methocel per gallon of warm distilled water and stir vigorously. Let this mixture sit until the bubbles disappear. This could take a few hours. Pour your Methocel mixture into a large tray and wait for bubbles to disappear.

Step 4.

Drop your color. Using the dropper, create pools of vibrant Acrylic Ink, making sure to vary the size and location of the puddles of color.

Step 5.

Create your pattern. Gently swirl the Acrylic Ink pools using a palette knife, metal comb, or wooden stirrer until you achieve the perfect psychedelic design.

Step 6.

Dip your paper. Carefully lay your prepared paper on top of the Methocel and Acrylic Ink mixture. Gently smooth out any wrinkles and air bubbles, then let the paper sit until fully saturated. 

Step 7.

Reveal your design. Grabbing opposite corners, slowly lift up the paper to reveal your design. Rinse with water to remove any residue, then hang to dry. This process can be repeated as many times as you like.