Based in Brooklyn, New York, Claire sets out to connect her world with the spiritual realm. Drawing inspiration from grief and reflection, her abstract, ethereal paintings focus on refracted light and prisms, as she says, “capturing everyday magic”. Color has always been integral to Claire’s work, with holographic effects and diffused rainbow conjuring up a mesmeric, psychedelic mood.

“After losing my father to addiction at age 7, I’ve moved through most of my life aware of death’s ever-impending presence. It’s shown me pain, anger, longing - but every so often, it chooses to show me comfort. We call them fairy lights. Surprise little rainbows dancing through the room. Lifting the veil between our world, and their world for just a few magical seconds. With these works, I hope to capture the solace of those moments. The moments we feel not death’s presence - but the love of people we have lost.”


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