Two pieces of public art. Two historic art schools. The 2022 Big Walls and Windows Project in London continues to bring large-scale work to the forefront. Liquitex is proud to provide materials in support of this collaboration with University of the Arts London (UAL) in partnership with British store chain Cass Art.

Big Walls and Windows offers art students an opportunity to gain exposure with large scale public art proposals. We want to inspire ambition, making all situations a platform for work. Artists are tasked with devising a temporary, site-specific mural that fully utilizes the scale, context and dimension of the space. Each should be produced safely, within a limited timescale, to budget.

After an open call, the undergraduate artists selected to bring their installations to life were Ffi Farrer-Miles, a final year BA Fine Art student at UAL Camberwell College of Arts, and Manyi Takor, a first-year BA (Hons) Fine Art student at UAL Central Saint Martins.

Ffi’s work explores the idea of conservation, aesthetic and color chemistry through abstract geometric painting. Taking inspiration from the British architect Maurice Bingham Adams, her installation celebrates the stained-glass windows of the Victorian part of the college. By bringing this original feature into the modern part of the building, the piece creates a dialogue between the traditional and contemporary.

Manyi’s piece, Hidden Identities, connects to a long tradition of fresco and mural painting. It asks the audience to consider what acceptance and equity really mean in a space where expected and acceptable values are incongruent with the ego. It examines how identity is formed by experiences often related to the expectations of others, probing the dissonance from dwelling along liminal margins.

UAL is Europe’s largest specialist art and design university. Made up of 6 colleges, it develops students at every level, from foundation to postgraduate.